View of Puerto Galera Cove from Baklayan Ridge

Puerto Galera, Philippines

is a seaside community spread out over thirteen villages along the northeastern tip of Mindoro Island, 130 km south of Manila . Geographically well located, the municipality consists of the Puerto Galera Cove, one of the world's most beautiful natural harbors, as well as numerous beaches along the coastline. The enclosed cove provided shelter from storms to Spanish galleons en route to Acapulco via Manila. Evidence of trade between China and pre-Spanish settlers have been found. The enclosed cove still provides refuge from storms for vessels linking the islands south of manila.

Today, Puerto Galera's main attractions are the numerous coves and beaches along the coastline as well as trails into interior rain forests of the island. The waters around Puerto Galera are rich in corals and marine life which offers excellent diving conditions. The north coast of Medio Island is known to world scientists because of its treasure of botanical and zoological specimens with thousands of terrestrial and marine plants. Splendid nature, widely protected, especially in the Cove, with a mountainous background leading into a rain forest, where there are still tribal Mangyan people living, make Puerto Galera one of the most beautiful spots in the Philippines.


Getting to Puerto Galera:

A 2 to 3-hour bus or car trip from Manila south to Batangas and a 1 to 2 hour ferry ride is is the normal route to reach Puerto Galera. There is no airport nearby.

Bus-Ferry Service

"Si-Kat" offers air-con bus and connecting ferry Manila-Batangas-Puerto-Galera. They accept reservation by phone.

  • "SI-KAT" has a bus leaving Manila at 08.30 daily at City State Tower Hotel, 1314 A. Mabini St., Ermita. Check there Website for details. Reservations can be made at 02- 708-96-28

Public buses

reach Batangas Pier also from following Stations in Manila:

  • JAM transit from Plaza Lawton or Buendia Avenue

  • BLTB Co. from EDSA, Pasay ,Tel. (02) 833-5501, every 30 minutes

  • TriTran, Buendia corner South Superhighway, Tel. (02) 831 4700, every 30 minutes
    (approx. traveling time 3 hours and 30 minutes).

Ferry Schedule:

Upon arrival in BatangasPier, Terminal 2 there are other ferries to Puerto Galera. Please check at the terminal counters of the different ferries. The timetable for the ferries changes quite frequently, so it is advisable to phone them for a confirmation. There are several other smaller boats which service the beaches around Puerto. Please note that the ones listed are the only ones which dock in the Pier in the town, of Puerto Galera ("Muelle") with the exception of Aqua Real (Roro), which arrive and depart in Balatero.

M/V Tel. Number   leaving Batangas leaving Puerto Galera Prices   Travel Time Info  
Minolo Shippingline

0917 839 2608
0917 514 6520
0916 605 4887

  07.30 am
08.30 am
......... every hour after that, till
3.30 pm
5.00 pm
06.55 am
08.20 am
10.15 am
11.10 am
12.30 pm
01.45 pm
O3.30 pm
P 230.- / person
P 185.- senior citizence
P 200.- students and children above 4 years old
children below 4 are free
  approx 1 hour
They are the only Shippinline going the "Muelle" Puerto Galera route directly without stop-over in Sabang
Aqua Real (Roro) 0936 968 6350
  11.30 am
07.00 pm
05.30 am
03.30 pm
P 100.- /person
P 1,700.-/car
  approx. 1 h 45 min. Facebook Capacity for cars is minimal, so be early or call them
SI-Kat Bus and Ferry (02)
  08.30 am (Manila) 8.45 pm P 800.- one way for bus and ferry
P 400.- children up to 11 years
  approx 4.5 hours Manila-Puerto Galera and vis-versa Website possible to make reservation
Father & Son (FSL)
723 82 94
  please check schedule via phone P 230.- one way
P 430.- round trip
  approx 1 hour Website they are most of the time passing Sabang for a stop over, so travel time increases a lot.
The shippinlines tend to change their schedules, depending on season, week days, and holidays. Please confirm their trips by phone . For additional information about other ferries you may contact Batangas Port 043 723 82 43

Taking your own vehicle

Puerto Galera's car ferries unfortunately are not very consistent so to best way usually still is to go via Calapan instead. There are throughout the days and nights about every 2 hours regular car ferries from Terminal 1, Batangas Pier. Copies of Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt for the current year are required for clearance from the Coast Guard and Philippine National Police for loading your car into the roro. The drive from Calapan to Puerto Galera is about 1 1/2 hours and very scenic. From the pier cross Calapan town, turn right at the main junction towards Baco, San Teodoro, Puerto Galera .

Fees for cars are P 1,700.- and up, depending on your car.. One driver is included in this fare, additional passengers are P 175.-. Prices are one way. There is no official reservation so be early to get your place.

If you are lucky and you are able to take the roro directly to Puerto Galera listed above, then arrival in Puerto will be in Balatero Pier.

The route from Manila to Batangas Pier is the shortest if you take the Star Tollway in Sto. Tomas ( about 10-15 min after exiting South Luzon expressway) to Batangas via Lipa City. 10-15 minutes after passing the Air Base out of Lipa City take the diversion road to the Batangas Pier . Watch for the signs for the Star Tollway and Diversion Road to Batangas Pier along the Hi-way.

Parking is safe in Batangas Pier in case that you are not taking your car across the channel. They however charge P 10.- per hour. There is a private parking space on the left side before entering Terminal III (between Landbank and Shell) called D & D. Ask for Edgar at 043 722 06 21. He charges P 75.- per day only.

Arranged Transportation

If you are a group of people, or just enjoy some more comfort, we can arrange for you do be picked up in Manila (or the Airport) by van and/or have your own pump boat bring you across straight to our place. One-way prices are P 3,000.- to 4,000.- for the van depending on your location and another P3,000.- for the pump boat, good for up to 10 person or P 3,500.- if you are more than 10.

Getting to Kalaw Place:

Upon arrival in Puerto Galera, bankas, jeeps and tricycles are available for transfer to our place. The Kalaw Place is located two kilometers from Puerto Galera town proper, four kilometers from Balatero Pier or a seven minute banka ride from Puerto Galera Pier.

View of the cove of Puerto Galera
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Getting around Puerto Galera:

Bankas (pump boats), jeeps and tricycles are available to the various villages, beaches, and resorts. Please note that there are established rates from the different transport,
associations which are seldom followed by the vehicle operators.
Below are our recommended rates for your information only. We cannot guarantee prices for 3rd parties as they frequently raise fees. Usually they double prices for nighttime.

Bankas(pump boats) are recommended for beach hopping:

4 hour beach tour for up to 8 people*
8 hours beach tour for 8 people**

P 800.-
P 1,600.-
Prices are per boat good for about 8 people
* price includes all beaches near by. White Beach and further west will be extra.
** price includes white beach and further west

From Kalaw Place jeeps can be hired for trips to (one-way, per jeep, good for up to 9 persons, night time prices can double)::

White Beach
Puerto Galera
Balatero Pier
P 300.-
P 500.-
P 500.-
P 2000.-

Tricycles are available from our place to White Beach, Sabang, and Puerto Galera town. Public jeeps are also going this route. There are no "regular" time schedules for jeeps. They leave when they are full.: Prices are per person.

Terminal in
Puerto Galera
Destination Jeepney Tricycle

Sabang road

.Market area
White Beach

Kalaw Place


P 25.-
P .10.-

P 50.-
P 35.-

P 20.-
P 10.-



ATM in Puerto Galera:

There are 2 ATM machines in the municipality of Puerto Galera:
- Allied Savings Bank ATM machine is located between the Church and Muelle Pier. They are member of BancNet and all major international cards are accepted. Their phone number is (043) 287-3121.
- Rural Bank of Puerto Galera (RBPG) is located on the right side of the Municipal Hall.

There is 1 ATM machine in Sabang beach:
- Microfinance Maximum Savings Bank, Inc. or also called MAXBANK is powered by Megalink. Phone number is (043) 287-3480 up to (043) 287-3484.


Diving in Puerto Galera:

Diving and renting of equipment can be arranged either directly with the many different dive shops in La Laguna, Small Laguna or Sabang beach (they are located 15 min by boat or about 35 min. by foot from our place) or we can make arrangements for you with two of the dive shops we recommend:

per dive, including full equipment
6 dives, including full equipment
per dive, weight belt and tank only
7 dives, weight belt and tank only
Discover Scuba Diving
Scuba Diver
Open Water Course
Advanced Open Water
Medic First Aid
Emergency First Response
Rescue Diver
Assistant Instructor
20 - 25 $
17 - 20. $
100 $
50 $
190 - 200 $
290 - 300 $
200 - 250 $
60 $
120 $
250 - 290 $
550 - 580 $
650 $


Seasons in Puerto Galera:

October to February:

March to May

June to September

cool and clear days;
northeast monsoon. Some rain, mostly during night time;
occasional Typhoons .
This is our Summer. Days are clear and hot. The weather starts to get hotter and more humid towards May. .
southwest monsoon. High humidity and rains are usual and Typhoon season starts. Since Puerto Galera is protected by its mountain range towards the southwest, rains occur mostly late afternoon or nighttime. Rains are only continues when there is a low pressure area near by.


Kalaw Place
5203 Puerto Galera
Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
Home Cellphone: +63 (917) 532 26 17
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